No Manual Cranking

No need to spend the afternoon cranking a hand-powered press to get the freshest cider you've ever had in such a short time. No time to waste . . . using the FASTRAK Cider Press is a faster way to make fresh cherry juice, grape juice, apple cider or other juice of choice!

FASTRAK Cider Press is perfect for those who just want to push a lever and have technology do the hard work for them.  This easy-to-use cider press is the first of its kind and is destine to change the way the we make cider and juice.

This powerful press features a wheeled base-assembly that is easy to move and hooks up to an air compressor for easy outdoor use. Use a containment bag within the stainless steel basket assembly. The stainless steel containment tray features a dispenser port that keeps the juice flowing directly into your container of choice.

FASTRAK Cider Press produces approximately 3.5 gallons of cider from 70 apples in about 2-3 minutes.

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18" x 24" High quality juicing bag
washable, and reusable.
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Parts & Optional Equipment

When you purchase a FASTRAK Cider Press you recieve the stainless steel basket assembly, stainless steel juice receptical tray with built-in juice dispenser included in your purchase.

The standing FASTRAK Cider Press 1144 features a wheeled base assembly. Dimensions = 65" tall x 26" wide x 32 deep.

The workbench FASKTRAK Cider Press 1145 fits on the table or bench of your choice. Dimensions = 48" tall x 26" wide x 32 deep.

Both presses are powered by any air compressor with a minimum of 120 psi and maximum of 150 psi.